Our staff of certified professionals and on-call attorneys have over 100 years' experience in MSP Compliance.


Our streamlined referral system and experienced case management staff provide timely, cost-effective products and services.


We provide you with a single point of contact for information and case status updates.

You won't navigate Medicare alone.

Cobalt Compliance Partners offers the following services.

Piggy bank in front of a clock

Conditional Payment & Lien Resolution

Line chart

Medical Cost Projection

Balance scale

Legal Consultation via Associated Counsel

Laurel of leaves with medical cross in the center

Physician Peer Review

Folder with a silhouette of a person

Mandatory Insurance Reporting (Section 111)

Book with bookmark

CMS Submission & Re-Review

Paper form and pen

Workers' Compensation MSAs


Workers' Compensation Pre-MSA Mitigation

Clipboard with paper

Liability MSAs

Prescription drug bottle

Drug Utilization Review